Order a Test

How to Order

a highgrade labs test

Step 1

Click the button to open ConfidentCannabis.com in a new window.

Step 2

  • Create an account or log into your current account Select Highgrade Labs as your lab of choice.
  • Select ‘Add Samples’
  • If this is your first order, it will then ask you to provide your license information.
  • Select “Adult Use”, “Grower/Extractor/Infused Product Maker”, and “Medical” for Orders

Step 3

Order process screenshot #2
  • Enter a Sample Name and Strain Name.

These tend to be the same or similar. The ”Strain Name” should match what information you’ve input into your tracking system; the “Sample Name” may include your company’s branding. Example: Sample Name- Company A’s Blue Dream. Strain name- Blue Dream.

  • Choose the Category

aka Plant, Concentrates & Extracts, Ingestible, Topical, or Other.

  • Choose the Type. 

  • Choose the Classification

if known, most samples are hybrid, but if it is Sativa/Indica Dominant use “Sativa” or “Indica” as your selection if you wish.

  • Choose the Production Method

aka Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse, Light Deprivation, or Other.

  • Enter a Testing Batch ID # and External Lot #

(if you have one at this time) External Batch ID

  • OMMA requires batch sizes for testing to be no greater that 10 lbs.

Example: You have a harvest of 50 pounds of Blue Dream (this would be your external lot ID) the weight should be split between five batch IDs recorded at 10 lbs each. You will have 5 10 lbs testing batches of Blue Dream. Make certain that you only batch together items that are from the same harvest (external lot ID) and that the total batch weight of the combined packages does not exceed 10 lbs. Create a testing batch number and input it into box labeled “External Batch ID”. Example: External Batch ID 1 of External Lot 10/20/2019.

  • Enter an External Batch Size in grams.

1 lb = 454 grams 10 lbs = 4536 grams

  • External Lot ID

Enter the harvest (external lot ID) as you have recorded it in your tracking software. If you have included a strain name in your harvest (external lot ID) and you have multiple strains harvested under the same harvest (external lot ID) remove the strain name from the ID before entering it into Confident Cannabis.


if your harvest Lot ID is Blue Dream 10/20/19 enter it into Confident Cannabis External Lot ID as 10/20/19

Step 4

Select Your Testing Package(s), (10 lbs maximum per test ordered)

Order process screenshot
  • Full Compliance

Flower/Concentrates Test choose this option for single strain batches up to 10 lbs. This includes all OMMA required tests for consumer bound items.

  • Advisory Tests can also be ordered individually for your own research and development.

Each sampling event is different. Please provide us with all information available. You can update and edit your order after it has been placed. A member of our team will review the information and test orders placed. If we have questions or concerns we will contact you.